Corsicana – Home of Champions

This year marks two significant dates in Corsicana High School football history, so to speak. The first marks the CHS Class of 1933’s 80th year of graduation in which the football team won the school’s first Texas State Football Championship in the fall of 1932.
The second marks the Class of 1964’s fall of 63′s football team that went undefeated to win the school’s second state championship.

In this segment, we’ll share a little history of the 1932 team.
Coached by John A. (Johnny) Pierce, the team went undefeated with the exception of a couple of ties that year.

Pierce coached the Tigers from 1925 to 1941 leading the teams to five district championships, two semifinal appearances and one state championship.

Pierce coached the Tigers from 1925 to 1941 leading the teams to five district championships, two semifinal appearances and one state championship

Here is the 1932 fall football schedule and results for CHS:

Corsicana 20, Highland Park 0
Corsicana 45, Tyler 0
Corsicana 67, Hillsboro 0
Corsicana 39, John Reagan 13
Corsicana 0, Waco 0
Corsicana 52, Marshall 0
Corsicana 14, Temple 12
Corsicana 37, Mexia 0
Corsicana 6, Cleburne 0
Corsicana 13, Brackenridge 0
Corsicana 1, Greenville 0
Corsicana 19, John Reagan 7
Corsicana 0, Masonic Home 0 (CHS wins on penetrations 5-0)

Three players made the All-State team from the 1932 Corsicana Tigers football team. They were Robert Finley, Ernest McGee and John Kessinger.

It seems that in the early days of those putting together the high school annuals nicknames were applied to members of the athletic teams. And boy, did CHS have some doozies!
Check out this excerpt from the 1933 CHS yearbook showing the nicknames of the football players that lettered that year:
Ernest (Cotton) McGee – 88 – Guard (All State)
Norman (Bitsy) Price – 33 – Tackle
Woodrow (Snotty) Green – 77 – Halfback
Robert (Feets) Finley – 99 – Fullback (All State)
Schuler (Duck) Murphy – 50 – Quarterback
Calvin (Snooky) Milburn – 54 – Guard
W.J. (Hurricane) Bowlin – 70 – Halfback
John (Bull) Kessinger – 53 – Center – (All State)
Joe (One-Eye) Bell – 80 – Guard
Jack (Sleepy) Hughes – 22 – Tackle
Bob (Handsome) Blackshear – 66 – Halfback
Morris (Sheriff) Westbrook – 54 – End
Dill (Ham-Hand) Cole – 59 – End
Chester (Checkers) Norris – 55 – Guard
Otis (Spray) Rector – 60 – End
Irvin (Pete) Samuels – 64 – Tackle
Don (Hippo) Humphries – 68 – Tackle
Leamon (Big Boy) Philips – 86 – Fullback
Charles (Red) Spikes – Manager

Other members of the 1932 squad were Charles Simpson, Lynn Kirkland, Beauford McCullough, Everett Kellum, Fred White, Buster Smalling, Louis Territo, Maurice Tankersley, Bob McMullin, Homer Humphries and Amos Harwell.

The Tigers finished the season with a record of 11-0-2, winning the state championship against Masonic Home on penetrations after the game ended tied at 0-0.

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